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Oil separators & Grease separators


Oil separators & Grease separators

  • Oil separator – for Car park
  • Grease separator – for Kitchen (F&B) waste

Oil and grease separators are important components of a wastewater management system in construction sites that deal with oily and greasy waste. These systems are designed to separate oil and grease from wastewater before it enters the sewer system, helping to prevent environmental damage and avoid potential fines for non-compliance

Before installation, it is important to conduct a site evaluation to determine the type and size of the separator that is needed based on the expected wastewater flow and the specific characteristics of the wastewater generated on site.

Proper sizing of the separator is crucial to ensure effective separation of oil and grease from wastewater. A professional should be consulted to help determine the appropriate size and type of separator for the specific construction site.


Professional installation of the oil and grease separator is important to ensure that it is properly installed and connected to the wastewater system. This will help to ensure that the separator functions effectively and meets local regulations

Regular maintenance of the oil and grease separator is essential to ensure that it continues to function properly. This can include cleaning the separator regularly to prevent blockages, checking for signs of wear and tear, and replacing any worn or damaged components.


MEP BOSS is having an expert team to do installation and maintenance of Oil separator & Grease separator.

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