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Wataer Treatment


Water Treatment

Water treatment works are designed to purify and treat water from different sources to make it safe for consumption or other purposes such as industrial use or irrigation.

The water is passed through various filters, such as sand or activated carbon, to remove remaining particles, sediment, and other contaminants. Chlorine, ozone, or other disinfectants are added to the water to kill any remaining bacteria, viruses, or other harmful organisms.


Water treatment works also require a range of mechanical and electrical works to ensure efficient operation and maintenance. These may include installation of pumps, pipelines, valves, control systems, and monitoring equipment.


MEP BOSS is having an expert team to do water treatment and for Swimming Pools and Portable water, Chilled and Cooling Tower water and RO.

Water Treatment Services are listed below:

  • Cleaning the tanks properly and doing filtration.
  • Chlorination.
  • Specialized Chemicals for Potable Water, Chilled and Cooling Tower water, RO, Swimming Pools.
  • Chemical dosing systems.
  • Water testing (Iron / Turbidity levels)
  • Service contracts / AMC for chemical treatment of ACMV, potable system and filtration systems.

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